What makes us different

What makes Ominto Different – We believe our competitive strengths are…

Our Technology

Ominto’s innovative shopping website has capabilities and features that differentiate our shopping website from our competitors. Not only will our website tailor the shopper’s experience based on his or her geographic location, but we will customize the shopper’s experience on Ominto websites based on the shopper’s ongoing behaviors on the site. This customized shopping experience is refined further based upon each shopper’s activity on the website. We believe that offering the best online shopping experience for e-consumers will earn customer loyalty. In the highly competitive Cash Back shopping industry, Cash Back amounts do not vary widely among our competitors. Therefore, differentiating ourselves from our competitors is crucial for long term success and we believe that personalization is one of the best means to that end.

Variety and Quality of Merchants

We are proud of the variety and quality of our merchants that include some of the most recognized brands in each geographic market. Our global affiliate team is tasked to continually seek out new merchants and maintain positive communication with our existing merchants.

Exceptional Customer Service

The personalized customer service offered by our Business Associates and our dedicated Ominto customer success team results in improved customer satisfaction We also continue to build value-add services that benefit our global customer base.

Web Design

Dubli.com’s attractive and intuitive web design enhances the experience of our consumers on the site.

BSP Rewards

Ominto’s white label and co-branded sites are unique offerings providing Partners with a professional web presence for their own customers through access to a Cash Back shopping and travel website. The program is a value-added feature that supplements the Partner’s core business with both its customers and with its employees, investors and donors.

Geographic Flexibility

Ominto identifies its shoppers by geo-IP which provides customers with country specific merchant options from the moment they first log in. The Ominto website recognizes each customer’s preferred shopping locations and delivers a tailored shopping experience including preferred stores, language, currency and deals.