Message from CEO

A New Global Shopping Alternative

When we started Dubli in 2003, we had one goal in mind: to use the power of the internet to offer a new global shopping alternative that empowers shoppers and is driven by the influence of a direct sales channel. Our business has evolved quite substantially, but our original vision remains in place – make a better shopping experience for consumers, and efficiently acquire new customers through a unique set of marketing channels. Today, we have, a globally focused e-commerce platform that delivers a superior and valuable Cash Back service to customers all over the planet.

Over time we anticipate expanding beyond what currently contributes to our business by building, developing and acquiring a set of assets that we believe will provide significant benefit to our current customers, enable us to acquire new customers, and ultimately establishing a highly valuable global e-commerce platform.

Cash Back is a unique business model where the revenue stream is based on a behavior by which consumers are already engaged. The appeal of Cash Back is straightforward: join or sign in, choose your favorite store, shop and earn. Consumers who do not shop through a Cash Back website are walking away from a valuable savings opportunity. We have made it our mission to change that.

Our vision is to deliver a world-class product, one involved in every transaction whether on- or offline. Importantly, in many regions of the world, e-commerce is fraught with fraud. has been a pioneer in Cash Back shopping in many of these countries. Shopping through, consumers in these countries feel confident about purchasing goods and services from among the world’s most recognized brands and earning on these same purchases, with little or no risk.

Maximizing the customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. There is a strong demand for Cash Back, savings and membership services worldwide. Through the power of the digitally connected world we are creating a community of savvy shoppers who want to save on a local and global basis. Through, we are creating a large globally connected, valuable shopping community. To this end, we continue to focus on our customer-centric mindset which addresses the overall site quality, mobile-friendly responsive design for cross device viewing, unique content, relevant offers and the look and feel of’s site pages that wins our customer’s hearts & mind and really differentiates Dubli from others. All of this impacts our members’ website engagement, which in turn, translates into sales.

Diversification of Assets

Beyond, we are diversifying our asset base, building and strengthening our marketing channels. Some of these include:

Dubli Network, which is a global network of independent direct sales associates who market the company’s product and associated VIP Lounge membership. Dubli Network offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to build a career or second-income business by generating earnings from the products and services that consumers buy online every day. We reward our Business Associates for their sales and marketing efforts through a referral-based income program. We believe Dubli Network has become one of the largest direct selling digital commerce companies in the world. As we expand into new countries, our Business Associates share the growth opportunity with us.

BSP Rewards, which provides a white-label offering for a multitude of organizations, both for- and non-profit partners. The power of Cash Back is clear, and many organization are looking to Ominto to provide them with a solution that is cost efficient and highly effective for their customer base.

Lani Pixels, a 3D-animation production company which will include Dubli branding within its feature length animated film. While our ownership in Lani Pixels may not seem relevant to our core mission, we disagree and believe that this investment will provide us with unique marketing and branding opportunities. We couldn’t be more excited about our ownership stake in Lani Pixels and participating in the work product they create.

Importantly, in addition to our diversified asset base, we also continue to launch a variety of new features and functionality across our e-commerce platform and to engage in new strategic partnerships. Each are designed to buttress our vision: to build a highly differentiated global e-commerce platform that provides significant value for current customers, and efficient and effective marketing channels to acquire new ones. We believe that our success will translate into significant shareholder value.