Ominto is a growing company with global operations in the e-commerce, marketing, and entertainment industries. The company owns or invests in strategic entities that provide value to its global customer base.

Ominto is a pioneer in global Cash Back and first-to-market in many regions of the world. At the core of Ominto’s business is, a global consumer Cash Back e-commerce digital marketplace.

But Ominto is building something much larger than a singular e-commerce platform. Rather, Ominto is developing and acquiring a set of unique marketing channels that unleash the power of global online shopping, providing significant value to the company’s current large global customer base, and providing both Ominto and it’s partners an efficient way to acquire new customers.

Ominto’s Assets

Ominto’s assets include the following:

Dubli.COM A Global Leader
in the Online
Cash Back

Truly Global E-Commerce Site a global leader in the online Cash Back market. Today, has customers in 120 countries and hosts over 12,000 leading e-commerce stores that are both global brands as well as those available in particular countries or regions. allows customers to earn Cash Back from the same stores where they typically shop. Customers may register for free or participate in’s VIP Rewards, a $49 annual or $4.99 per month membership, which provides additional value for members including exclusive deals, extra Cash Back and faster payout of available Cash Back. With its auto-renewal feature, the VIP Rewards provides a recurring revenue stream that allows greater predictability and longer lifetime customer value.

Using our consumer-adaptive e-commerce site, shoppers can browse third-party websites with different categories of products, featuring both international and local brands, travel, coupons, discounts and vouchers. The website is one global site that allows customers to select their country and language and connects customers with merchants that are available to the customer’s local country.

Boosting Customer Loyalty

Ominto receives a commission each time shoppers make a purchase through our websites and we share a portion of those commissions with our customers in the form of Cash Back. is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive design and navigation, offering a broad selection and quality of merchants as well as digital coupons.

Our new shopping site, launched in the third quarter of fiscal 2016, operates as a global site tailored to country preference depending on where in the world the shopper is logging in, as recognized by the location of the geo-IP. As the shopper’s activities increase on our website over time, the level of personalization of the shopper’s experiences will also increase. By offering a shopping experience that becomes more customized and personal with increased usage, customer loyalty is boosted, a key differentiator in the increasingly competitive landscape of the Cash Back industry.

In addition to, Ominto also has a full or partial ownership position in the following businesses, all of which provide valuable services to existing customers, or unique and differentiated marketing channels by which Ominto and its partners can efficiently acquire new customers:

BSP Rewards

Ominto’s white-label or co-branded offering for non-profits, corporations and other organizations looking to quickly and effectively build an e-commerce loyalty solution (100% ownership)