Lani Pixels

Lani Pixels A/S

Lani Pixels A/S is a 3D-animation production company, specializing in the production of computer generated full-length animated feature films. Lani’s services include a comprehensive suite of skills from concept development and story writing to final animation and visual effect. The team at Lani Pixels is at the forefront of 3D stereoscopic technology and is the same team that produced the first ever 4D movie, Spellbreaker, in Denmark, that premiered in all LEGOLAND® parks around the world. Lani Pixels was founded in 2000 by Kim Pagel and his son, Thomas, with the goal of delivering exceptional stories through feature films designed to resonate with international audiences. Kim Pagel has enjoyed a long and distinguished career creating and producing animated film content, including 18 years as the Lead Design Manager with the LEGO® Group. The company previously produced several 3D animated projects for the LEGO® Group, one of which –The LEGO® Story – won the Gold Award for animation at the Cannes Media and Television Awards in 2012. With offices in Dubai, Denmark and Los Angeles, Lani Pixels has expanded its operations, becoming a full-service feature animation studio.

Ominto acquired 40% of Lani Pixels in December 2016. Presently, Lani Pixels is producing its first feature-length, 3D-animated film. The film has a theme of family unity and courage in the face of adversity, and is expected to be released in the fall of 2019. Ominto envisions using this first film, and others to be produced in the future, as a marketing channel for certain of its other products and services. Additionally, Ominto plans to utilize Lani Pixels as a strategic content partner as it further develops its capabilities as a marketing services company. Ominto is working with Lani Pixels to develop animated videos to assist in the training and quality control of its independent Business Associates. Similarly, Lani Pixels is creating promotional videos to help Ominto advertise its products and services.