Dubli.com is the only truly global Cash Back shopping website in the world with customers in 120 countries, more than 12,000 leading online stores, both international and national brands and 30+ shopping categories. Dubli.com is available in 10 languages.

Dubli.com doesn’t require customers to shop any differently than they already do. They register for free, shop and earn Cash Back. They continue to shop at their

favorite stores, only now through Dubli.com instead of directly at the merchant site,and earn Cash Back on every purchase. Dubli.com has become the destination of choice for smart shoppers looking to maximize their savings on the same purchases they are making every day. Dubli.com’s Cash Back model doesn’t conflict with other loyalty programs or memberships; it’s complementary. Customer can still book a flight, earn their bonus miles, earn Cash Back from their credit card, and earn Cash Back when shopping through Dubli.com.

VIP Lounge Membership

For more engaged e-shoppers, Dubli.com offer an annual VIP Lounge membership. The VIP Lounges offers a product and benefit mix, unmatched in the global Cash Back industry, and provides a single point of access to a complete array of saving opportunities. Members receive up to several hundred of dollars of potential savings. For $99 a year, members can save more, either up to $400 in travel benefits or an extra $400 in VIP Cash Back. This model provides steady and predictable recurring revenue via its auto-renewal feature.

The VIP Lounge offers multiple ways to save on hotel rooms, travel, flights, local shopping, dining, services, and entertainment and leisure activities – all in one convenient location. With the launch of this new membership package, in April 2017, the company introduced Dubli Travel, the company’s own travel search engine in partnership with some of the most prominent global travel brands – priceline.com, Booking.com and agoda.com. Dubli Travel offers VIP Lounge members savings on hotel bookings with deep discounts of up to 60% with 6% Cash Back, making it a one-stop-shop for travelers looking for the best hotel accommodation deals anywhere in the world. Furthermore, VIP Lounge members can save on air travel with 10% discounted flight vouchers on round-trip flights anywhere in the world. The VIP Lounge is available to Dubli.com customers worldwide and includes both global and regional offers to suit the company’s multi-cultural, multi-regional and diverse customer base.

Why Cash Back?

Cash Back is a unique business model where the revenue stream is based on a behavior by which consumers are already engaged. The appeal of the Cash Back value proposition is straightforward: join or sign in, choose your favorite store, shop and earn. The rewards are cash and not point-based which enjoy a higher perception value than other forms of rewards. The unmitigated number of stores available on our company’s site is unparalleled and shortens the buying cycle. In addition, the Cash Back payout is easy. Cash Back can be withdrawn by the customer via PayPal or Paytm, depending on the customer’s country of residence.
Many consumers lack the time, discipline or patience to hunt down the best coupons

and deals. Cash Back savings makes value-shopping simple and creates an opportunity for merchants and brands to build brand loyalty and drive customer lifetime value from one purchase to the next. For companies and consumers alike, Cash Back earnings offer an opportunity for repeat shoppers, reinforcing the consumption cycle instead of one-off discount hunting. Cash Back shopping is gaining traction among consumers by offering a simple, straightforward and transparent return. The Cash Back model extends the lifetime value of the customer as they return over and again as they continue to reap of the rewards of their hard earned dollars.



Earn Cash Back

Customer-Centric Mindset

Ominto places significant emphasis on the overall quality of its Dubli.com website, mobile-friendly responsive design for cross device viewing, unique content, relevant offers, and the look and feel of Dubli.com’s site pages, differentiating the site from other Cash Back providers. All of this impacts member website engagement, which in turn, translates into higher sales.

Market Leadership

Dubli.com enjoys a unique position in the global Cash Back market as the first-to-market in many growing world economies as there are barriers to entry based on language, culture, regulatory requirements and technological resources. Due to Ominto’s strategically positioned administrative offices around the world, the company enjoys the benefits of local market and cultural expertise which assists in facilitating the regulatory framework required for operating a global site on a local level.

Importantly, Dubli.com operates as a global site tailored to country preference depending on where in the world the shopper is logging in, as recognized by the location of the geo-IP. For example, when a customer logs in from Germany, the customer will only be offered merchants in Germany and merchants who sell to Germany and will make his or her purchases in local currency.