Dubli Network

Dubli Network

Dubli Network: is the company’s global network of independent sales associates who sell memberships for Dubli.com. We offer our direct sellers a potential income opportunity as independent contractors where they earn their commissions on a performance basis on their customer’s Cash Back, VIP Rewards memberships and usage of VIP Rewards products. Dubli Network focuses on rewarding people for their

marketing effort through a referral-based income program. With Business Associates in almost 100 countries, Dubli Network has become the largest direct selling company in the world to host its business exclusively online. Ominto is able to minimize customer acquisition costs through the direct sales channel as it’s on a pay-for-performance basis.

Dubli Network creates tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to build global distributor organizations that focus on selling VIP Rewards memberships to Dubli.com. Word-of-mouth advertising, the most effective form of direct selling, provides the foundation for driving traffic and transactions to Dubli.com. The revenue generated from these members’ online transactions allows associates to build a rewarding career or a powerful second-income stream.

Dubli Network offers flexibility as well as scalability: Independent Business Associates (BAs) set their own schedule and work as many hours as they deem necessary to meet their financial goals. BAs earn income by sharing the benefits of Dubli’s travel and shopping website with the people they interact with on a daily basis.

The Dubli Network model allows entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, marketers, investors or anyone else to create their own online global business by taking advantage of brand name products and services available on the Dubli.com website. Dubli Network enables its BAs to enjoy all the advantages of running an independent company while avoiding the risks normally associated with operating their own business. There is no cost or hassle associated with purchasing and maintaining inventory. Dubli Network offers the opportunity for them to be in business “for yourself, but not by yourself.”

Ominto invests significantly in training and education of its Business Associates as they are only as good as the information they receive from us. We empower Business Associates with world-class tools. Dubli Network has its own education system, Dubli Academy. Dubli Network is the first direct sales company in history to host a completely digitized business from registration to training to sales to product. The company hosts regular meetings and events globally as well as frequent webinars on a variety of subjects and topics.