BSP Rewards

BSP Rewards White-label and co-branded Partner Programs

BSP Rewards supports more than 1,800 corporate and non-profit co-branded Partner Programs in over 60 countries, who have their own customer bases in 100 countries around the world. BSP serves all market sectors and industries from financial institutions to telecommunications, sports teams to philanthropic organizations. Companies or organizations can seamlessly integrate BSP’s e-commerce solution into their own marketing platform without disruption to their core business operations.

Loyalty programs are no longer an option for businesses, but rather a requirement. Successful loyalty programs, those offering relevant and easy to redeem rewards for customers and long customer lifetime values are paramount. Many loyalty programs today are point-based and have only a limited number of products or services. For consumers who only make a few purchases each year, point-based systems become tricky to implement and difficult to maintain. This results in cost-intensive, time-consuming programs for businesses and organizations.

Ominto’s business model emphasizes highly attractive, loyalty-building programs that are both relevant and compelling for both consumers and participating merchants on the Cash Back shopping website. Ominto’s loyalty program is cash-based, thus enjoying a higher value perception than point-based rewards. In addition, Ominto’s model cultivates mutually beneficial relationships between consumers and the co-branded company or organization itself, translating into improved, long-term consumer loyalty, higher customer retention and engagement, re-engagement of dormant customers, increased revenue from existing customers and increased customer lifetime to name a few.

This model also benefits the Partner as it offers them increased marketing exposure and access to a new marketing channel, one by which their customers are already engaged. Customers don’t need to change behavior to participate and are now being rewarded for existing activity in the name of the Partner brand. Further, the customer benefits from Cash Back earnings at thousands of their preferred stores, stacking

coupons with Cash Back, while still allowing them earn rewards on their credit card, or any other loyalty card or membership at the same time.

BSP Rewards is a global and universal loyalty program that works seamlessly for companies, organizations and non-profits of all types and sizes. The program is certainly viewed as an extension of a company’s existing brand and marketing efforts. Easy integration ensures that the program does not disrupt the Partner’s normal operations.

A big advantage for smaller organizations lies in the fact that with the BSP Rewards Partner Program they can overcome any cost disadvantages related to their size, while enabling them to extend their geographic reach for customer acquisition.
The extra bonus for Partner’s using BSP Rewards is a generous revenue share. The technology of Ominto’s global Cash Back site allows businesses and organizations to have a loyalty program like Fortune 500s for a fraction of the cost.